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travel gallery

Welcome to the travel gallery - containing image collections created on my travels.

Please note that the gallery section contains collections of images, rather than individual images. Please visit the media section for individual images.

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snowboard trip, Chamonix (16-30 January'10)

snowboard powder tour, Switzerland (24-31 January'13)

Icefield Parkway, Alberta (17 October'08)
Jasper, Alberta (16 October'08)
Rocky Mountaineer, Whistler-Jasper (14-15 October'08)
Multnomah Falls, Columbia River Gorge (6 October'08)
Timberline Lodge, Mt.Hood (5 October'08)
Seattle stop-over (3 October'08)
Mining Museum, Brittania Beach (2 October'08)
AirDome foampit training, Whistler (28 September'08)
Meager Creek Hot Springs, nr. Pemberton (20 September'08)
Joffre Lakes trail hike, nr. Mt.Currie (6 September'08)
Long weekend in Tofino, Vancouver Island (22-24 August'08)