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sunday 30th october - Jules & Jo's wedding

Congratulations Jules & Jo! Married in Godalming ChurchFirst off, I would just like to take time out to say "Congratulations Jules & Jo"!

My brother Jules got married to Miss Jodanna Gillam with all their friends at Godalming Church - best wishes to you both, heres to a lifetime of happiness together :)

Lots of packed weekends skating street with Colin Horan, Simon Johns, Jon White, Josh Newman and "Black" Matt Jacobs recently...

Drove to Bristol centre at the beginning of October to meet Colin, Simon and Jon who were filming near a childrens recreation park for the new Overcast streetboarding video. They were hitting up a small park, and the sun was shining - the perfect start to the day...

Light sculpture in Bristol centreWe hit the various skatable elements of the park, then moved on to some city centre rails where Simon filmed.

Hungry, we moved to the Floating Harbour for a bite to eat - and I was struck by what a genuinely nice place the city centre is - before finally skating near a famous amphitheatre-shaped riverside skate location by the Millenium Park ferry landing point.

Simon backside 180 - riverside gap at Bristol centreWe filmed block tricks and combinations on the large concrete steps; Jon threading together combo's up and down on different levels and me working on some of the tricks last done with Adam in 2009 - Simon rounded of the day by gapping the big blocks, finally throwing a huge backside 180 and riding away cleanly...

A good end to a great day.

Two weeks later, and I was meeting Colin and Simon again at Colin's house in Reading - but was joined this time by Matt Jacobs and Josh Newman, who had driven up from Southampton.

Colin had found a skatepark just up the road from his house, which was still in construction - but showed great promise. With a launchbox, bowl and street section finished, we hit up the kink rail at the far end of the street section.

Matt, 5-0 on the kink rail in Reading skatepark Colin, crook grind, Reading kink rail Simon, feeble grind, Reading kink rail

Although the run-in at the top end of the rail was pretty short, we spent a good few hours sessioning it; Colin styling out his trademark 5-0's and crook grinds, Matt working up some long combos, Josh was hitting up the launch box, and Simon throwing down every trick combination under the sun!

We moved on to Reading University and found a set of curved steps with a rail down, and a long wall down the edge - perfect for boardsliding!

Matt and I were sliding the wall, while Simon and Josh were riding the rail - all the while Colin filming for Overcast.

Matt Jacobs - stairs and barrier gap, Reading UniversityMatt had been weighing up the gap, and with eagle-eyes had spied a barrier up the road.

At the bottom of the stairs, it made the perfect gap; with a long run up over terrible tarmac, he launched and tamed the gap with the greatest of ease.

It was time to go - but we'd had a great day, and had the scars to prove it. Killed.

With the weather being a lottery here, the annual Tignes autumn shred is only days away - so more snowboarding action to come!

Stay safe.