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sunday 14th november

Welcome back!

The site is back up after a change of hosting, and conversion over to PHP from ASP (techy talk for the developers out there) - so apologies for the downtime!

Gang Warily skatepark, near Fawley oil refinery, near SouthamptonFound a new skatepark locally going by the name of Gang Warily skatepark, complete with C-block and sweet flat-down rail.

The park is small but well designed with quite a few lines - but suffers from a relatively short run-in.

It was a little wet and slippery when I went - but I think this park has potential on a dry day, and will look to return soon...

Max Anderson landing a backflip on rollerblades, Huntingdon!Paul managed to get us a streetboarding demo at a skate competition at a newish skatepark near Huntingdon.

We hit up some big air in front of the crowd, and had the rare opportunity to see Max Anderson doing his thing on rollerblades! ;)

We then moved onto Corby for a full session before heading home. I drove over 200 miles that day, and Paul drove over 300 - add two long sessions streetboarding - and this must qualify as our longest day's road trip ever!

Matt Griffiths looking like he's feeling it, by the Tignes FunivalMy snowboarding mate Matt Griffiths and I took a long weekend on Tignes Glacier - and it snowed whiteout for the first two days!

However the sun came out bluebird on day 3, and we managed to get 5hrs of footage down...

Dom, Rock-fakie, TignesThe powder was great after a couple of days snowing, and I found a rock that looked promising...

The pistes were hard, being an ice base, but we had a great time buttering and generally dicking about. Good times ;)

Jon clearing the doubles down at Canford Heath, BournemouthBeen out biking with my friend Jon Pike - although the limited light now means riding at weekends only, we have been visiting Canford Heath out the back of my house

Hidden amongst the trees, other riders have constructed trails and jumps and drop-offs.

I'm gutless, loving the downhill instead - but Jons getting back into his stride, so I'll try and get some decent images soon...

Lastly - CJ and I saw this awesome hotrod on the way to pick up our new mattress off streetboarder Paul Nash (thanks Paul ;).

I love hotrods, and this on was a peach - small, curvy and with classic flame paintjob and hotrod wheels. Beautiful. I want one... ;)

More snowboarding and streetboarding action shortly!

saturday 27th november

Here's the movie edit from the long weekend Matt Griffiths and I spent in Tignes snowboarding on Tignes Glacier - filmed over 5 hours on the third day when the sun came out.