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wednesday 29 april

New tricks to beat post-snowboard blues

dom, blunt in the Prevail miniTo combat the post snowboarding blues I have been skating a lot recently, learnng new tricks like backside hurricanes and blunts.

Although the weather is getting better, it's still dark in the evenings - so most of the time we skate at Prevail after work after in the evenings.

pat holds a nosestall on the quarterPat has been honing his skills, learning a bunch of extra tricks and showing significant improvement to his control.

Tim is ripping round the mini, building long lines with every conceivable grind and slide, and throwing long manuals across the driveways in the street section.

Rob comes over from Yeovil quite often, bringing his snowboard style of spins and butter-inspired street combos such as 180-switch-manual-180-out.

All in, theres a lot of different styles going on here, which is great for creativity - always bouncing ideas off each other and raising the bar.

Kneepad review: Demon D30 kneepads

new Demon kneepads, including D30 insert for impact protectionI saw these kneepads for sale and just had to get a pair.

They have a flexible protective cap made from D30, the material that goes hard on impact - giving the best of both worlds as they protect without hindering movement like conventional pads,

I look forward to reporting how they perform in the line of duty, and whether D30 might be the future in personal protection gear.

Until then, take care...