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friday 31st october

Mother and daughter meet for the first time - the moment CJ met Violet...In a contrast to the bad news in last months article - we start this one with proud news of the birth of my daughter, little baby Violet Jean Ebel :)

Although we experienced a few difficulties at first as a result of a tongue tie, this was resolved and life has started to normalise into a relatively consistent routine - and while difficult at time, she is an absolute joy and delight especially now she has started smiling and laughing at you :D

Violet on the sofa :) V is for Violet Jean Ebel Violet and Monkey :)
Violet Jean Ebel Monkey - her first friend :) In her first hoodie ;)
Dom and Violet on the playmat Violet's room, the view through the door The cupboards in Violet's room are a matching green...

Needless to say, both CJ and I are totally smitten with her!

The summer has been fabulous, and provided a wealth of opportunities to skate, and we have made the most of it, both indoors and out.

Sherborne has been our destination a few times - those white concrete expanses proving an irresistable mix of features - while Prevail has been uncharacteristically empty, and the given us the opportunity to ride a relatively deserted park as the kids were outside in the outdoor parks.

Dom, frontside feeble at Sherborne on another hot, hot day The glasses are off as Rob grabs for the 5... Tim, feeble grind in the Prevail bowl

The long-awaited Winchester skatepark opened in September, and Tim and I met Simon Johns and Max Anderson to check out this much-anticipated Maverick creation. I took a day off work and we arrived on a boiling hot Monday, to find about half the park composed of Bournemouth skaters - by sheer coincidence at least 3 different groups had independantly arranged trips to ride it... Bournemouth Takeover!

Max Anderson reaches for the skies - Rodeo in the Winchester quarterpipe Simon boardsliding the Winchester rail James, Rob and Dom at Robs birthday skate

Had a good day, but found that with so many features in the relatively small space - everyone was constantly cutting across everyone elses lines to hit their own, which meant more often than not you were waiting for a viable gap to open...

One to return to when fewer people riding it.

I went on missions to check out more loca skateparks in the area, of note Hedge End near Southampton (top) and the redeveloped Salisbury park (bottom)..:

Hedge End skatepark panorama, near Southampton
Panorama of the recently redesigned Salisbury skatepark

Hedge End has 2 blocks and a nice round rail, although possibly spoiled by the quarter-pipe at one end, that is tighter than a gnats chuff.

However Salisbury is really good - they have kept the good elements of the old park, and replaced the poor or knackered parts with a selection of well thought out concrete features, including a launch box, sweet double level mini, and a clover leaf-style bowl - plus the usual selection of blocks and manual pads,

A very good park with the features positioned out of each others way to minimise disruption of other people's lines - probably the best outcome that the redesign could have produced :)

The summer has provided a wealth of opporuntities for other pursuits too; the inevitable beach visits, building Violets room, family time with Jules, Jo & baby Camille, various weddings and parties, and lots of sunday breakfasts and walks down at Boscombe, just to name a few... ;)

View down Boscombe beach... Photobooth shots Jules and Camille on the swing
Grandma, Mum and CJ pass a critcal eye over Violet's room View from the Harbour Heights terrace toward Sandbanks Concrete ball sculptures outside Urban Reef

Went to see an old friend from my Marlborough days - Pam :)I have finally managed to get back in touch with a good friend of mine from my school years - Pam, our favourite tea lady from my school house C3.

I had lost contact with Pam when I had mislaid my address book in a house move and had always wondered how she was - so when I found it over summer I arranged a meet.

It was fantastic to catch up over a cup of tea and to find her in rude health and enjoying life - we chatted for a few hours before I took a trip down memory lane around Marlborough before returning home. Great to see her, and will catch up again early next year :)

here's a few random shots I have taken over the last couple of months..:

Hydropack rider by Boscombe pier Poole Twin Sails bridge by night My favourite cat of all time, Puss Puss, on my neighbours roof
Madame Bollinger quote, on how she enjoyed her own Champagne Our passionflower bush Sunset over our neighbours roof

Good times - what an awesome summer we've had :D