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tuesday 28th may - the 100th article!

It's been a while since the last article, and a lot has happened!

Big stalled-out 3' off the street wave lip, Prevail SkatehouseWe are now easing into familiarity with Prevail - figuring out the best lines and spots we like to spend our time at.

The wave lip in the street section pops you into the air, good for lofty airs and spins - Max Anderson has even backflipped it..!

My new Union snowboard bindings :)I have excitedly bought myself a new set of bindings, my first since 2008..! The 2013 Union "Contact" in bright green/rasberry, clashes perfectly with my board ;)

CJ and I set off to Chamonix for another couple of weeks at the end of the season...

CJ and Dad at the Flegere-Brevent liason lift CJ at the top of Lognan, Argentiere Dom at the Lognan viewpoint, Argentiere

Our friend Cecile Ingenbrand drove over from Chatel near Morzine to spend the day at Grandes Montets - unfortunately it was a whiteout day, but we still enjoyed blasting down the pistes at breakneck speed - brilliant :)

Dom, wallride, Bournemouth PavillionBack in the UK I have been eyeing up the Pavilion stairs for a wallride.

The run-in proved lethal, and about 4 or 5 times I wound up taking a huge spill just before the ramp, but got some shots down as the light faded.

With improvements to the run-in, I will be looking to get higher later this summer ;)

I took CJ just down the coast to Hurst Castle, and we spent a lovely afternoon walking along the spit and exploring the castle...

Dom, Needles backdrop One of the turret 'casemate' defences facing the Needles Straight 38-tonne gun in it's casemate
Hurst Castle and spit approach CJ by Hurst Castle keep The massive, polo mint-shaped keep interior

Henry VIII built it in 1541 as part of a chain of defences against the French on the South Coast, and it has been built upon over the years until the it was decommissioned after WW2 - and now remains open to the public.

A great day out, exploring the original castle with keep, and the later modifications including the 38-tonne guns in their concrete casemates.

New alloys on the TVR ;)I have updated the wheels on the TVR, now it runs 17's on the front and 18's on the rears.

I have taken the opportunity to put wider rubber on tthan previously, it's now shod with 235's on the rear for extra traction :)

So thats about it for now - James wants to get into taking photos, so hopefully we'll get some decent weather to take some good shots.

Back soon.