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30th september

A disappointingly wet summer, compounded with wrist issues, has meant relatively little skating over the last couple of months.

However CJ & I decided to go to the Oporto Surf Camp in Esmoriz near Porto, Portugal - where the drink Port originates from! We had a week surfing the waves with some great people, with a little skate action to boot..!

Dom, indy transfer at Espinho skatepark, PortugalI had hoped to visit a wonderful-looking skatepark that I had researched prior to going - a skatelite-type park just north of the city.

However the weather conspired against me and it rained for 3 days, so no go.

Our surf guide Sandro ripping past on his longboard...I did however manage to skate a park in Espinho, the next village and got a couple of shots.

The Oporto Surfcamp also had a number of boards for use, including some sweet longboards to cruise around on at lunchtime in-between surfs.

Our guide Sandro was a good longboarder, and I had the opportunity to board with him a couple of days later.

There were a number of different surf beaches, each with different geography that dictated whether they would be suitable or not, dependant on the weather conditions.

We surfed at 2 different beaches, one in the city of Porto itself, and the other at the edge of the jungle by Esmoriz.

Victoria, Mark & CJ having breakfast at the camp Sandro loading the surf car Sunset over fishing boats on the beach
Loaded up and driving to the beach Getting ready to surf Kicking back at a cafe between surfs...

We enjoyed some great lunches in-between surfs, including one memorable visit to a restaurant serving the local speciality - proper fried calamari straight from the ocean, tentacles and all!

We spend a couple of lunchtimes on the longboards - oSandro was quite a dab hand at skating, at one point hitching a ride off a Police van, Back-to-the-Future style ;)

Sandro cruising on the longboard... ...catching a lift off the Marine Police ;) Sandro Squid-mouth
A traditional tiled villa in Esmoriz Relaxing in the evening at the Surf Camp Drinking Cristal, don't cha know..?! ;)

On our last night the surf camp put on a BBQ for us, with "caprinha" cocktails and load of food and beer - and wehad a good last evening with our surf camp hosts and friends from the village...

But back to Blighty we had to come, back to the land of eternal rain - and just in time for the UK Open Championships...

But more on that in the next article!