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22nd april

More snowboarding AND streetboarding news this article..!

Dom, Cesca and CJ out towards Le Praz, ChamonixFirst off, went to Chamonix for the second time this season early April - this time with both CJ and both my little sisters..!

Completely variable snow conditions meant that we snowboarded for four days and rode mountainbikes up trails in the valley for two days.

On two days it snowed heavily overnight, leaving us with glorious powder to ride at Grandes montet and Le Tours at the valley end. I had a great time riding with CJ and my sisters - Pip is fearless on skis, shes almost as fast as I am..! ;)

CJ riding pow in Le Tours, Chamonix Pips cruising through the snow in Le Tours, Chamonix Kite skier swooped in pretty near to CJ, Le Tours
Drag lift shot at Le Tours CJ and Pips having apres ski drink at Le Tours overlooking the valley CJ navigating the bike path from Lavache to Argentiere

With powder of up to 50cm one day it was an unexpected bonus to be riding fresh tracks so late in the season - although the snow would melt in the hot sun, and freeze overnight to leave unrideable ruts..!

It was a great holiday with my sisters, and good to ride with them for the first time in 5 years.

Josh and Matt at Poole HarbourShortly after arriving home, Day One's Colin Horan organised a filming session down in Bournemouth and Poole.

He wanted to get a few hours filming at Kings Park, then move on to the metal block by Asda in Poole, and finally the compass monument on Poole quay front.

We arrived at Kings Park to become involved in a minor altercation about skatepark usage with a local rider who was filming, but skated for half a day there and got some footage down before moving on over to Poole...

I was riding the driveway with some backside combos, while Josh was getting onto the handrail and Colin and Matt were hitting the long square rail. As the day wore on we rode harder, pushing the boundaries and throwing some complex combinations down...

Dom - Feeble gring on the Asda block, Poole Colin - Asda block 5-0, Poole Dom - nosegrind on the Asda block, Poole
Josh - nose manual across the compass, Pool Quay Matt - Gap off the compass, Poole Quay Study of Matt and Colin

We finally moved on to Asda, and I belatedly remembered how high the metal block is! You can't do smiths as the block is actually a girder and jams your wheel, so you have to get up onto it, making it a high leap up to your trick...

Colin was riding in at great speed to 5-0 the length of the block - and took a hefty slam at one point when he miscalculated... I practised some nosegrinds and noseslides, getting to grips with the block - getting up onto this thing at speed is no mean feat..!

After an hour or so we moved on to the compass monument on Poole quayfront. Located in a circle of shops it mays quite a photogenic shoot location, so Colin was filming some manual switch ups and Josh was manualing around before Matt tried the gap off the monument through the entry walkway.

Topped off with a couple of rider study shots, we fell into the nextdoor pub for a pint before returning home in time for tea!

A great day out with the lads, so look out for more of the same soon..!