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31st may

Well six weeks of rain have put a bit of a dampener on proceedings, 'scuse the pun...

Constant rain with only the occasional break have meant limited opportunities for streetboarding, but there have been a couple of moments where the sun broke through...

CJ paddleboarding just next to the beachWe met snowboarder Matt Griffiths and his girlfriend Emily for a bit of beach action, and Matt brought his inflatable paddleboard.

Needless to say this provided literally minutes of amusement, but the water was still so cold as to hamper play - sun or no sun!

12 stair carpark rail in Broadstone, pooleOn a scouting mission recently, I came across this little gem of a rail in Broadstone.

The run-in to this 12-stair is challenging, crossing a street and small dirt patch, but the rail drops you into a car park with an awesome run out - slightly downhill with plenty of space all around.

I have also found a number of skateparks recently, including two right on my doorstep - one of which is a little curiosity in it's own right...

Toytown skatepark in West Howe, Poole - full of miniturised objects Poole Lane skatepark in West Howe, Poole

Toytown skatepark is about 1 mile away from me in West Howe, but is full of miniturised objects, including super-low manual pads, steps and rails.

Good for learning new tricks, but some of the lines have been messed-up with objects in the way...

Poole Road skatepark is a single large, transitioned driveway with a reasonable size up-flat-down shotgun rail tacked onto the side.

I haven't ridden this yet, but my gut feel is that the rideability will be determined by the quality of the tarmac it sits on...

Rugmore skatepark in North End, PortsmouthFinally I came across a good looking skatepark near North End in Portsmouth, just by the Rugmore Junction on the way in.

I didn't ride this either, as I was visiting CJ's parents without my board, but as long as the tarmac is good, the layout looked promising.

Much larger than the others and built of skatelite, all the hits are of substantial size with a good variety of transitions, flatbanks - both launchbox and driveway.

Food for some skate trips this summer :)