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31st march

Dom crooks it out...Been a while since the last article, but there was no snow down here and the weather has been good - been skating.

Been working on crook grinds and over-crooks - and a whole bunch of combos with them..! Nice!

But the big news this month is my first family holiday in about 10 years!

Mum, Jules, Jo and I spent a week in Courcheval 1300, a traditional village nestled in the valley just below the more purpose-built Courcheval 1650 and 1850.

The accommodation was "cosy" in true french chalet style, but though we had a couple of days of fresh snow at the beginning, hot sunny weather prevailed - and the snow alternated between ice and slush.

Jules' skull mask - sexy ;)Jules was on great form, his skills are awesome and he truely has "No Fear"..!

He bought himself a skull ski mask - perfect for tearing up the slopes... show no mercy!

As the snow conditions were so poor and I didn't want to be Mr.Anti-Social by disappearing to the park each day - we spent a lot of time jibbing, and a lot of time having drinks, and mixing a few gullies in for good effect..!

Dom makin' like a tripod down the beginner slopes... Jules, leaning down and cornering like a boss... Mum on a ridge overlooking Courcheval 1650
View up the cablecar, to the Courcheval-Mottarets station Jules about to drop into the gully under the cable car station... Jules in the only crevasse we could find under the cable car station!
The view down the gulley from the drop in... Dom - study, Courcheval Dom - butter agaist the Val Thorens hills...
Jules and Dom having lunch in Mottarets Cablecar with view across to Val Thorens Half empty or half-full? Who cares, fill it up!

It was good to see everyone, but it made me itch to get back riding gullies again back in Chamonix - so I'm looking to get back there again with CJ, although I know the snow will be gone...

I'll be reporting in when I'm back...