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saturday 17th september - Bournemouth Weekender streetboarding session

The Bournemouth Weekender streetboard session took place last weekend, and we had a good time riding, filming, eating, drinking and kicking back under a hot sun...

Simon Johns, Josh Newman, Matt Jacobs, Neil Shillabeer,Pash Nash and Dom Ebel relax in the sun at Dorchester skateparkColin Horan turned up at 9.30 on Saturday morning, preceeding the other streetboarders by a couple of hours; Paul Nash arrived, followed shortly after by Josh Newman, who had brought along riders Simon Johns, Matt Jacobs and Neil Shillabeer - and we headed off to Dorchester around midday.

We warmed up as the sun beat down and soon Colin was jumping up to the high block throwing long 5-0s, Simon was hitting the c-block with backside-smith-360outs, and the rest of us were attacking the manual pad and flat-down block by the stairs.

Colin Horan throws down a long 5-0 grindPaul started filming, and the tricks became more and more technical, with people throwing down combo's, going in switch, and spinning to win... However, there were a lot of other riders in the park, and after a while we decided it was time to move on to Blandford for a change of style, before we got tired-out.

Now Blandford's not my favourite park due to the uneven tarmac you have to ride on - but theres a hell of a lot packed into that space, and the lads were going off!

Simon Johns stomps a crook grind down Dorchester's flat-down blockThe locals were loving it as "Black" Matt Jacobs served up some fat combo's along the high shotgun rail, nearly nailing a super-smooth smith-270-to-frontside-boardslide.

Simon was gapping one section of the park over a wide platform to a low flatbank beyond.

Matt Jacobs, 5-0 grind, Blandford skateparkJosh Newman, Paul Nash and Neil Shillabeer were riding the mini - Paul laying down some long noseslides almost the whole length of the coping. After a long afternoon getting peoples best tricks down on film, we finally packed the van - people were busted-up and wanted to grab a shower and get on with the eating and drinking..!

Back in Bournemouth, I BBQ'ed a veritable meat feast to get everyones energy back up, then out into town for a couple of hours listing to possibly the oddest band I have ever heard...!

"Momo Tempo Electro Orchestra" is a fusion of beats, horns, percussion ranging from 70's "Shaft"-style funk through to DnB-flavour beats - all fronted by a well-spoken singer talking over it. Very unusual, but well worth the listen ;)

Kicking back at the Urban Reef cafe on an easy SundaySunday was supposed to be raining, so we had a lazy morning - awaking late to blazing sunshine, too late to skate - typical!

We had egg and bacon sandwichs before moving out, then drove over to the Urban Reef cafe to chill by the sea...

The sun held out, and we enjoyed a couple of hours drinking by the beach before it was time for the guys to go.

It was great fun and I learned a lot about the logistics of a weekend like this, indicating some modifications to the format for more realistic planning in future.

So watch out for the next one!     ;)