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thursday 30th september

Well jeez it's been wet!

Poor weather has meant very limited streetboarding opportunities over the last 2 months, so there hasn't been much to report on the local front unfortunately.

I have been working on the house and trying to complete all the tasks that I just wasn't getting around to, so hopefully there'll be more time reserved for skating and street over the next few weeks...

Mick Stranger and CJ having a drink at the Nightjar in Canford Cliffs...One of the highlights of the summer was the arrival of our aussi mate Mick Stranger, who came over to see us en-route to Europe(!).

We had a great time showing Mick around Bournemouth, and we cycled down to the Boscombe Pier surf cafe for a drink.

Our new up-lighters (excuse the construction site!)It was a relatively short visit - but great to see ya Mick, welcome any time mate!

With the aid of my snowboarding friend Matt Griffiths, I have managed to get our floor-mounted up-lighters finished, and they have made such a difference to the room...

Handicapped VX220 driver..? Really..?!Saw this in Bournemouth - doesn't it just take the biscuit..! Vauxhall VX220 sports car with a handicapped badge..? Really..?!

So hopefully the weather will ease up soon, and we'll have some streeboard media to report back to you next article...

Till then, have fun :)