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saturday 29th may

Although there hasn't been as much streetboarding as I would like - there has been a lot of preparation going on, in time for the summer.

Our bungalow is coming on in leaps-and-bounds - internally the redecoration is virtually complete and we are well on the way to being able to put up friends, guests and ravelling streetboard teams!

Dom bones out a tweaked 360 at the night shoot in Kings Park, Bos VegasIn the high winds experienced earlier last month, we took some experimental photos down at Kings Park skatepark.

Playing with lighting and camera settings, we got a good idea of what will work - unfortunately the darkness meant that even with powerful flashes, blurring was inevitable

Good weather has proved great for mountain biking - my friend Jon Pike and I have been hitting the downhill trails on St.Catherines Hill over by Christchurch. It's quite enough to scare the wits out of me, I can tell you...

CJ and Jon - riding along the river bank at Iford, Christchurch The Iford railway bridge as seen from the riverbank, Christchurch Found this rail in Bournemouth, while out riding... Perfect ;)

Found a lovely rail between Bournemouth and Poole while riding - long, steep, grass behind. Perfect! Gonna have to hit this up this summer...

The Flipside team riders are gearing up to travel to Paris and participate in the 2010 Reel Life streetboard competition - Colin Horan's brainchild video competition happening in France in just over 2 weeks...

More news on this soon! Enjoy the sunny weather ;)