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January has been all about the snow! And as you know, snow means snowboarding...

For a second year running, it has snowed in the UK, and this co-incided with a large windfall of snow from the BIC icerink - so after much jib-spotting and location research, I decided to do another wallride.

My good friend Sonia Shaw needed some photos for her Animal portfolio, so Sonia, her boyfriend Mark and I spent 7 hours building a wallride in Bournemouth Memorial Gardens - in a race against time to ride it before the police came...

Dom hits the wall at the Animal photoshoot - while avoiding the general public...Our luck held - the weather was good, the police were absent - and Animal sports photographer Robin Kitchin spent 2 hours taking photos and video of the wallride.

I can't show you Sonia's photos, but here are mine:

Sonia digging snow into the Animal van - it took 7 hours to build the wallride (copyright Mark Haysom 2010) The whole picture - run-in, kicker and wallride... (copyright Robin Kitchin 2010 The undershot. It took 6 attempts to get this right. (copyright Robin Kitchin 2010)

We were thoroughly knackered by the end of it, having spent 13 hours building, riding, and breaking it up - but it was a great day and the photos speak for themselves...

The next week - more snow - in the shape of a 2 week trip to Chamonix.

The first week was spent with my mum, hooking up with Flipside rider Spal and friends who were in town that week - and then our friends Rosco, Greg and his housemate (another) Sonia for the second week...

The snow was perfect - a constant cycle of 2 days snowing, then 3 days blue skies! We arrived just after it had snowed, and enjoyed fresh powder lines for 2 weeks straight - and you can't ask for better than that ;)

Riding out from a powder face at Flegere Dom slashing a huge rooster tail in the powder at Grands Montets CJ in an untouched backcountry gulley at Le Tour

We spent much of the time finding powder in the gulleys, and tree-runs around the Chamonix valley, and made occasional forays into the park - although to be fair, much less park action took place this year, purely because it would have been criminal to miss the powder-riding opportunities!

But, ultimately, all good things come to an end - and we had to return to the UK.

I came back to the unwelcome prospect of an operation - so am currently convalescing and nursing a nasty 4cm x 2cm open wound. Yow :(

No streetboarding for me for a while - but we will see how things go...