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December is the month when thing go into stasis... Not entirely however, as the big annual event in the UK streetboarding calendar - the UK Streetboard Championships - was held in St.Albans skate park.

A combination of a strong dislike for this park, and feeling rough after a skinfull the previous night meant that I was destined for judging - and Adam and I resumed our positions as professional judges (again! ;) for the event.

Max Anderson blew everyone away - pulling massive spins and flips so high that it culminated with him hitting the warehouse roof beams inverted(!), before wisely calling it a day. That boy just keeps pushing the boundarys... :o0

Dom, practising backside rodeos at Corby skateparkA week or two later, the usual suspects - Josh, Paul, Colin and I - took a trip to Corby to get some last skating in before christmas.

The boys spent most of their time working the midi ram, while I practised backside rodeos. Those resi-ramps are a gods-end...

News of two skateparks - looks like the Bournemouth skatepark planned for the memorial gardens under the flyovers may well be going ahead, and apparently Romsey is to get an indoor park! Typical! Nothing for ages, then 2 covered facilities at once..!

So Christmas, blah, New Year, blah - hope everyone had a good time..?

Upcoming news: snowboarding in January, in more ways than one - wait and tune in next time... Mwa Ha Ha Haaaa..! ;)


We are moving! *excitement* ;)

Short delay while broadband is out, until normal service is resumed - about 4 weeks time - but rest assured we will be comin' back to ya with fresh streetboarding action straight from the 2009 UK Streetboarding Nationals - only 4 short days away!

Be there or.......don't.