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thursday 7th august

After innumerable hold-ups, the Canada 2008 video is finally here!

A compilation featuring all our pals from Rossland and Whistler - and the best footage from the season!

For a high quality version you can download the movie, in either MPEG or DIVX formats, using the links below:

Prior to a recent injury, I have been hitting up the launch ramp in the Whistler skatepark - and over the last 6 weeks have put together a collection of streetboarding footage and imagery:

Dom, inverted cork 540 Dom, corked 5 - long shot ©aaron rogers 2008 Tweaked out 360 over the Whistler launch ramp
Inverted cork 5 - close-up in B/W ©aaron rogers 2008 Just say no to Crack! Corked 5 underview ©aaron rogers 2008 Dom 540 nosegrab

Many thanks to Aaron Rogers for some of these images.

My plans to visit the Squamish skatepark has been put on hold temporarily while my hip heals up - but I shall be travelling there over the next week as the park is one of the best designed I have come across, and with less than 2 months left in Whistler - time is running short.

In the meantime, the respite has given us more time to go mountain biking and visit the nearby lakes.

Trail map showing the valley trail network at the top end of the valley, around Lost Lake and Green LakeThe many mountain bike trails criss-cross the Whistler Valley, around the lakes that provide such a rich environment for both recreation and commercial use - and figure prominently in the history of the valley. Mountain biking is a great way to see valley, and there are some places that you can only reach via the valley trails...

Niclaus North golf course railroad crossing next to Green Lake Whistler Air - float plane docking quarters on Green Lake CJ on Blueberry Trail, high on the clifftop over Alta Lake

My hip is on the mend, so I am looking forward to being back streetboarding again soon - and coming back to you with a review of Squamish skatepark...

Until then, sit back & enjoy the movie...