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sunday 19th may

Spring is finally here!

Dom and CJ playing at being tourists, very convincingly... ;o)The hot weather means CJ and I are getting out and about in town, lapping up the sun and acting like complete tourists...

Spending time working on our tans and watching bikers come down the newly opened mountain bike park - awesome!

The same heatwave means streetboarding is back on the cards, hitting up the launch ramp in Whistler Village skatepark and riding nights in the minature skatepark in the multi-storey car park opposite our apartment. Media to come soon..!

Spent the last few weeks with the aussi brothers jibbing the hits and boxrails round here, throwing down tricks and ramping up the ante - working on my boxrail spins, pretzls and other variants, while the aussi lads worked on progressing on their tricks.

Dom, 270-on to switch frontside boardslide 270-off at Blackcomb midstation boxrail
Mick, 50-50 composite image at Blackcomb midstation
Tom - noseslide tweak.

The snow quality has gradually got more slushy over the last couple of weeks, rendering the runs on Blackcomb mountain less rideable. There was fresh powder in the backbowl (over the back of the glacier) up till last week, but the last few days have reached temperatures in excess of 20degrees - so the focus has shifted from riding the pistes to shredding the park.

Our first bear sighting! A young bear, seen from the Blackcomb gondola, in its habitat near to the mid-stationOn a different matter, the warmer weather has brought the bears out of hibernation. CJ & I saw our first bear from the Blackcomb gondala the other day - we were so excited! Bears are a natural part of the habitat here, and this one is a young one that lives near to the mid-station of the gondola, and is a bit of a local celebrity.

Our new pad! A one-bedroom apartment with open plan kitchen/lounge - and access to the communal swimming pool, hot-tub and BBQs... sick!CJ & I have moved into our own 1-bedroom apartment. it is such a great place - the biggest place we have ever had, with access to a communal pool, hot-tub and BBQs.

It has a sweet kitchen, flat screen TV & DVD, our own patio, central heating & fire - luxury!

So life is looking pretty good at the moment, filled with snowboarding and streetboarding - but with only a few weeks left on the mountain pass, collecting footage is the priority now...

Guess its about time to get some streetboard footage down...