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tuesday 12th july

Wow - did the weather brought a short, sharp halt to our Streetboard School plans...

20 minutes before the Streetboard School was about to start, the heavens opened - downpour, thunder and lightning drove off the spectators and brought an end our careful preparations...

After 2.5 hours the sun came back out and dried the water covering the park - we skated for a couple of hours, but the wind had been taken out of our sails..

Many thanks to Flipsides Adam Walder and Highland Streetboards Neil Thompson for shooting video and taking pictures however - cheers to Neil for the shots below:

Josh pulling a sweet corkscrew Dom flyin' high with a 540 nosegrab Andy Garrett, mute air in the Kings Park bowl
Andy floating a 540 stalefish from the Kings Park launch Dom throwing a corked 5 tailgrab Dom sliding the long block with switch smith stylee

My birthday party was another matter however, and the lads gladly helped out with gazeebos and many other last-minute touches - and by 7.30 we were in full swing..!

Between my friends and Sonias friends, we had about 40 peeps turn up; I saw many friends that I hadn't seen in years, and with Bronson on the decks - save a couple of visits from the Police and Fire Brigade - we had a very good night!

Unfortunately this was the start of another month of crap weather - which has stopped us from streetboarding recently...

However with things looking up - heres to a good summer..?!