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monday 9th april - Easter Monday

Well I got my car, the weathers improved, and theres been lots of streetboarding - so I guess you could say things are looking up!

A dredger anchored just off Bournemouth beachThey have been dredging sand from the seabed, pumping it onto shore in a slurry mix through massive floating pipes, in an effort to rebuild the beach after the stormy weather and get it ready for summertime.

Just in time for the Easter Bank holidays ;o)

Flipside held another streetboard Rodeo Club at Motion in Bristol, and met up with a few of the Ams - had a good time but didn't manage to get any photos. Whoops :o(

With all this fine weather, Adam and I decided to get some skating in down at Salisbury - one of our favourite local parks. We had a great days, and the sun baked down - got my mojo back after the winter blues..!

Adam, frontside feeble, Salisbury I love this picture! Adam 5050 Salisbury Dom on the block at Salisbury Dom, tailgrab transfer into the halfpipe

Arranged a Bournemouth Day Out with some of the Flipside Streetboarding team - Adam and Paul came down on Thursday night for an early start on Good Friday, and we were joined by Andy Garrett and Rob from the Chemical team.

We started a burning day at Kings Park - I love that marble-smooth concrete! - followed by a roadtrip down to Blandford, where the lads killed the halfpipe, before practising new moves on the low transitions.

Andy & Rob joined us for the day... Adam with a cheeky nosegrind, Kings Park Paul smithing his way along the high block, Kings Park Dom, 540 nosegrab at Kings Park
Dom pulls out a backside boardslide at the Bos Vegas handrail Andy popping a blunt out the halfpipe at Blandford Adam floats a tailgrab at Blandford Pauls 8ft noseslides in the Blandford halfpipe

It was almost too hot to skate, but we put in about 5 hours, before Andy and Rob returned to London, and we took some time to chill on the beach ;o)

I have sent CJ and mum off to Meribel (3 Valleys) in France for a few days snowboarding and skiing - the weather is reputedly hot, and they have plenty of good quality snow...

Bring on those BBQs..!