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sunday 11th february

Apologies for the late update, but this episode comes to you chock full of action!

Streetboarders Adam Walder, Paul Nash & I decided a day skating Bos Vegas was in order - one look at the weather showed Saturday to be the best, and the day was set.

A slight mishap meant Paul was late picking Adam up, but we arrived at Kings Park skatepark early avo, got the boards out and set about cruising the park.

It was grommet-city, being the weekend, and many run-ins were aborted due to oblivious kids blithely skating without the self-preservation instinct to look before they rolled...

Dom and Paul chatting at Kings Park, Bos VegasWe managed to get some runs in, and got some decent shots in and by mid afternoon the numbers had dwindled in the park.

We hit blocks, rails, driveways and transitions in a mission to accomplish as much as possible before the light faded.

Dom sliding the handrail at Bos Vegas... Adam grinding a phat backside smith over the driveway Paul noseslides his way along the Bos Vegas block Adam stomps a smith on the square rail

Kings Park is well-designed skate park, I am hoping that more of the streetboarding massive will visit this summer and rip it up...

The next weekend, Bournemouth Internional Centre (BIC) smashed up their temporary ice rink and I was granted access to the resulting snow for the purposes of conducting a photoshoot.

Dom, Chip and Steve packing snow at the BIC.Having spent a number of days scouting suitable rails and gibbing spots, I had recruited a crew of local snowboarders.

We met up at 10.30 in the morning and spent an hour packing snow into all the bins we could find.

My selected warm-up spot was a kinked concrete ledge adjoining some stairs on a two-storey beach hut block on the beach near Sandbanks. Creating a run-out used most of the snow, so we spread a thin layer down the ledge to make it slick - game on!

I strapped in first - my gig, 1st run responsibility - high up with a long drop, took the plunge and rode it out... Scattering Grannys left right and centre, Chip and I hit it a few times, only stopping after Chip took a massive faceplant - quit while you're ahead...

Dom 5050s a beach-hut ledge on Bournemouth beachfront

Moving on, we checked out the rails which I had scouted out, but there were problems with both - either on the run-in or run-out. It was getting dark, so we decided to take it to Kings Park - use the blocks and concrete ledges to get the most out of the light.

Laying out a decent length run-in and run-out, we used the "slingshot" technique to throw each other down the runway and get onto the block - an almost perfect boxrail.

We spent an hour and a half taking turns to hit the ledge - sparks flying from scraping the metal coping with our edges!

Steve - slingshot down the Kings Park run-in Dom - Lipslide at the Bos Vegas block Chip styles a noseslide down the block Dom - 270 to switch FS boardslide

We had a great day, lots of tricks thrown down, loads of footage and plenty of images - watch out for more images in Aprils Snowboard UK magazine...

The weather has turned now, but we'll be back soon with more crazy shit as it happens!