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thursday 11th january

Goodbye 2006, Hello 2007!

Chris Kamm (in yellow) chillin' with Josh, Dom, Char, Adam and Rob at Romsey skateparkAdam received word just before christmas that German Ositos pro streetboarder Chris Kamm would be visiting his grandparents over the christmas period in Winchester.

In his words: "I cannot be here and not skate, I will go f#%king crazy!".

Unfortunately family commitments, the weather, and a relatively short stay conspired to limit us to only an afternoons riding at Romsey - but we raised a crew and threw down some moves.

Chris Kamm - frontside 540 transfer across the gap at RomseyMoving from transition to wallride to block to launch box, Chris went huge on every feature the park has to offer.

Despite not having ridden it before, by the end of the afternoon he was concentrating his efforts on a gap between 2 quarterpipes.

Initially starting with a couple of frontside airs to get comfortable, he soon progressed to frontside 540s over the gap - and impressive feat considering the lack of decent run-in.

It was a great day for everyone who turned up, and we are hoping to see Chris back again soon, as his family own a summer residence in Bournemouth! ;o)

Just after Chris left, Adam Walder, Andy Garrett, Paul Nash, new rider Josh and I took a trip up to Motion skatepark in Bristol (the old Skate & Ride) - to combat the effects of the UK weather, get some streetboarding in and practise inverts over the foam pit.

The first time I had been back to this skatepark in almost 4 years, and I have to say what a distinct improvement it is - with a 6ft double spined mini, a 12ft midi, 12ft drop-in to 5ft launch box, and similar setup leading into the foam pit - this park rules!

We spent the majority of the day hitting the foam pit, and everyone picked up a new trick - including new rider Josh, who got rodeos down even though this was only the second skatepark he had been to!

Dom winds up a 540 corkscrew over the launchbox at Motion Adam flips a nice frontside rodeo into the foampit Andy with a backside rodeo into the foampit Josh pulling a plucky backflip over the Motion launch box

A fantastic day, we returned at the end of the knackered, and vowing to make this a regular fixture...

Rock on 2007 - gonna be a good year!