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Business as usual...

thursday 19th october

Hello from the Flipside Tours new HQ!

Our new pad is only a short walk from the old house, but benefits from being out the shadow of the mountain - sunlight, TV and mobile reception!

The last few weeks have been a riot of snowboarding, streetboarding, footage-taking, BBQing and hitting up street spots and custom features we have been building - in an effort to make the most of the last days of the season before the skifields closed.

The warmer spring weather has brought some fantastic streetboarding opportunities - really sunny days great for footage, and really windy days which help getting up speed into the small quarterpipe, getting some real height for winding up the big spins...

Dom Ebel 540 nosegrab, Wanaka ...and a Smith-to-Frontside-Boardslide on the Wanaka flat rail.

I have also met my Queenstown-based friend Boozy again a few times, good to catch up with him and his mate Brendan - an invitation to Brendans Arrowtown pad brought back old memories of visiting this area 8 years ago - cheers guys!

Farmer, Tom, Matt, Alec & I sessioned a picnic table by the lakeside one evening, set it up with the BBQ next to it - throwing down butters, 180-on 180-offs and nosepresses till the late hours, lit up by our car headlights. Something a little different...

Snowpark came into its own in the spring conditions with a really tasty step-up jump by their famous quarterpipe. Tassie Ben, Johnny and I joined Jesse Wilkinson and some randoms killing it - 180s, 360s, 720s, backflips, rodeos - the lot! Came back the next day to find it closed for the rest of the season :o(

Catch all the new photos in the shortcut boxes to the right..!

The closing of Cardrona and Snowpark initiated frantic kicker hitting and rail sliding activities - I got CJ up to Snowpark for the last day, and she stepped up to hit the boxrails - a brave feat never having been there before.

CJ and I moved out of our old house a couple of weeks ago - said goodbyes to Dazzler & Shaz, and hello to our new accommodation; big room with en-suite, open airy rooms, a huge balcony facing the sun - perfect accommodation for the summer weather!

Most seasonaires have left Wanaka now - Dazzler & Shaz, Farmer & Rachel, Tim & Lil, Matt & Tom, Grant, Damian, Johnny & Brian have all left. moving onwards to their summer destinations. loads of luck guys, and i'll catch you soon!

The days are now a succession of park skating in afternoons, with intermittent sunbathing and frisbee - there are still enough peeps around to organise sessions, including our upcoming photoshoot trip to Benmore Dam with Tassie Ben and NZ skater Jess Beaumont...

You have been warned!